Lumitact G700 LED Flashlight

The Lumitact G700 LED Flashlight

What is Lumitact G700 led Flashlight?

lumitact g700 led flashlight

The lumitact G700 led Flashlight is a revolutionary flashlight made from aircraft aluminum. It is therefore one of the brightest, most long-lasting and unbreakable tactical flashlight available in the market. It is categorized as military-grade and hence suitable for individuals who require a sturdy flashlight like hunters, campers, police officers and firefighters.

What is the origin Lumitact G700 led Flashlight? The G700 applies the technology initially designed for the US military to be used by the Marine Corps in warfare. Research yielded the great strategic LED light that could spot a particular object at a very long distance. Later technology was expanded to incorporate projection of a beam of light that could extend beyond 2,000 feet. After the much publicized marvelous achievement, the makers of G700 resolved to allow the technology to be applied at home. Ever since, variety of models have emerged in the market but the G700 have remained superior because it possesses patent rights to LED technology which is not permitted to other versions.

How does the The Lumitact G700 led Flashlight work and what are its powers?

lumitact g700 led flashlight

The G700 is one of the brightest flashlights worldwide given that it produces 700 lumens of LED power and hence its name “G700”. Additionally, the flashlight applies an innovative LED technology since it uses LED chips instead of the out-dated LED diodes. You can therefore enjoy the technology currently used by NASA and the military.

On top of its strength and lighting power, you may also use the G700 as combative weapon since it has sharp tips. You can hence use the beveled edge to fight an enemy who confronts you at a close range. The beaming light produced by the flashlight is also very powerful such that it can blind an enemy or a wild animal positioned at a distance of up to 500 meters for 2 seconds. This would hence immobilize the enemy or the wild animal.

  • The Lumitact G700 led Flashlight comes with a multiple of spotlight modes which allow you to switch to a wide range of focus. Furthermore, you can use the flash light in case of an emergency or danger by using the Save our Souls (SOS) signal which is one of the modes that feature in the flashlight. The flashlight has a Morse code where definition of letters is based on the length of the light intervals which enables you to send an SOS signal.
  • The G700 is extremely defiant to crashes because of the aircraft aluminum material used to make it. Even if you accidentally drop it and some forces run over it, it won’t be damaged. The flashlight also has a superior telescopic lamp glass which can offer light in excess of 1200 hours. This feature makes it one of the most robust glasses globally. This glass also enhances production of a highly concentrated light beam capable of reaching a long distance compared with other flashlights.
  • The Lumitact G700 led Flashlight has a waterproof body. You can therefore use it under the water or when it is raining. The flashlight has the capability of going underwater for up to 100 feet. Therefore if you enjoy deep diving, the G700 is the perfect choice for you.
  • The battery applied in the G700 is rechargeable and hence you don’t have to worry about changing the battery repeatedly. You just need to connect it on a charger and in barely an hour, you may use your flashlight. The batteries are also energy saving hence a single charge will keep you going for long.

As far as powering the Lumitact G700 led Flashlight is concerned, there are two options.

You may use the adapter holding 3 AAA batteries of 1.5 volts each. You may also use a solitary 4 volts AAA battery. The original Lumitact g 700 package contains the single 4 vaults battery and the adapter. If you are out door and you need a battery that last longer, the single 4 volts battery could be the better option since it works much better. Together with the charger, the G700 is also offered with a car adaptor which you can use to charge your batteries while on a journey.

The lumitact G700 led Flashlight flashlight has other charging options through a USB although such adapters are not provided in the default retail box.

lumitact g700 led flashlight use

Who can use the Lumitact G700 led Flashlight?

The G700 is very versatile and hence can use it at home or in outdoors even if it was originally intended for outdoor use. Indoor use normally blocks the full capacity of the flashlight. To enhance the multiple use of G700, the zoom mode is available by just elongating or compressing the head of the flashlight. The focusing concept is mainly applied by soldiers such that they can handle the flashlight in one hand and use the other for the weapon.

When using the lumitact g700 led Flashlight at home, you should take caution of the glowing light which can blind other people. The flashlight should be kept away from children to avoid the risks of eye damage.

What is the price of the lumitact G700 led Flashlight and what discounts are available?

The Lumitact G700 flashlight is at present sold entirely online through special online offers. You should avoid buying from just anywhere to avoid imitations and substandard models that are identical to G700. Majority of the G700 replicas especially from China are underpriced since they are not made of the revolutionary technology used in making the original Lumitact G700. The original Lumitact G700 flashlight has quality in brightness and in battery life compared to the imitation. The genuine G700 is also clear and see-through while the fake flashlight is a bit blurred.

You can buy the Lumitact G700 flashlight at discount of 75% which reduces the price from $224.45 to just $56. In addition you are entitled to enjoy free shipping worldwide. If you buy the flashlights in bulk other than a single flashlight, you will enjoy more exclusive discounts. For instance, you will be charged $ 48.50 per unit for 2 G700 flashlights while it will cost you just $35 per unit for 10 units and above.

By paying a little more money, you may order a mount that will let you to attach the G700 flashlight where you need like on your riffle or on your bike. The mount offers a firm grip to hold your flashlight in position.